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Growth is always accompanied by change, but unmanaged change does not always lead to growth. 

M Nardone Company specializes in the management of transition, growth, and change in the workplace so organizations can optimize the opportunities that arise from change.

Employing a psychological and management science perspective, we help clients improve organizational performance and effectiveness to better compete in today's fast-paced world.   

Your organization may be experiencing a period of rapid growth, or an expansion into the world of e-commerce. Perhaps you want to participate more effectively in the globalization of markets, or take the fullest advantage of a multicultural workforce or the latest technological advances. You may be interested in incorporating the most current thinking about what constitutes success and how to achieve it.

M Nardone Company's extensive experience offers large and small organizations in a variety of cultures and sectors the expertise to foster growth and  maximize opportunities that arise from change. 

About the Principal

Maria J. Nardone, Ph.D., President and Founder of M Nardone Company is a licensed Psychologist. Her background is Mathematics and Psychology from Bucknell University. After receiving a Ph.D. in Psychology from Fordham University, she completed post-graduate certification at the William A. White Institute and received the qualification of The Tavistock Institute's Advanced Organisational Consultation Programme in London. She is the first American woman to receive this distinction.

As a psychologist and psychoanalyst, who has extensive experience in family businesses, healthcare and industry, she brings a multi-dimensional perspective to her work.

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