With the trend toward globalization, increasing numbers of employees live and work outside their own cultures. The demand for adaptable, mobile people who are able to live and work in a new culture is increasing. For many companies, the failure of employees working abroad is high. The cost to U.S. firms alone is a staggering $2 billion because of employees returning before their assignment is completed.

To increase the likelihood of success of global ventures, M Nardone Company offers cross-cultural consulting services to global managers and companies.

For the Organization:

M Nardone Company strives to help our clients obtain the maximum benefit from global placements. Working with the client, consultants review strategy and goals for international placements. We promote collaboration and communication between the home and host organization to maximize value and satisfaction for all parties involved. The goal is to support effectiveness and contribution of the expatriate abroad as well as promote learning for the home and host organizations.

For Global Managers:

Poor adaptation of the worker's spouse and family is often cited as a main reason for early return. At M Nardone Company, we offer individual assessment of cross cultural adaptability and readiness before departure, coaching before and support after arrival. This service is available for managers and their families. Many companies offer training prior to departure, but do not provide the necessary support for the employees and their families once they are abroad. Our cross cultural training program is tailor-made for individual requirements and provides continuity and follow-up. Although most global employees, are technically competent, they often lack the cross-cultural skills needed for effective performance. M Nardone Company provides coaching and support for both personal and working roles to ensure the successful transfer of skills to the new assignment.

In moving abroad or to a new organization, there can be resistance of the organization to the stranger and resistance of the stranger to his new surroundings. We provide awareness of this process as well as strategies and techniques for managing it.

Often re-entry to the home organization can be as stressful as one's entry in the foreign setting. During the employees absence, organizations change. The worker's experience abroad has also created change. We help the organization and employee understand this process resulting in positive benefit for both the employee and the organization.

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